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October 9,2015
MPGis - Information Integrators

MPGis Inc. offers state of the art, high availability and high security information technology solutions currently utilized by a wide array of globally recognized premier corporations.  Specializing in fast turnaround and cost effective results-oriented designs, MPGis works closely with your team to develop the optimal solution for your entire operation and provides a superior partner relationship to achieve your information technology goals.

MPGis provides a broad range of capabilities including security management, web based application environments, cloud solutions, mobile device integration, legacy data integration and technology strategy positioning for optimal market share growth.  We can provide consulting, partial or turnkey solutions.  In today’s environment, you need a corporation that can handle your complete scope of business needs.

Our Design Philosophy

With over 20 years in cooperative problem solving with our clients, MPGis utilizes the following guiding principles:

  • Cost Effective – Primary to all MPGis projects is the return on investment for the client.  With years of industry experience and extensive technical resources, MPGis can provide high security, high availability, and dependable solutions with the fastest ROI and the lowest capital commitment.

  • Fast Solution Deployment – MPGis consistently delivers tested and dependable results faster than others in the industry through a superior internal design and project management capacity.  The sooner a client can experience the benefits of a dependable, secure solution, the faster the cost savings and operational benefits are realized.

  • Integrated Solutions – MPGis takes a systemic view to operational improvements and studies the problem closely to not only address the core issue, but to develop a solution that builds on the client’s strengths, and provides forward looking options and opportunities.

  • Security – High security is essential in the management of information today.  Not only are the obvious security concerns for account and commerce environments paramount, but it is also essential to protect a corporations intellectual property, operational uptime and most important professional integrity.  MPGis focuses first on security to protect the entire corporation and its operational status.

  • Personal Attention – MPGis assigns a senior project manager, a team and direct access of each client to the executive staff, 24x7x365.  MPGis realizes that uptime, security and operational efficiencies are important on holidays, weekends and globally to support a client.  You need a business partner as committed to your business success as you are.

Deployment of new technology is a consistent thread throughout corporations today. Successful solutions must always be chosen based on the company's goals and objectives. It is this understanding that each company is unique that allows MPGis to create and implement "Solutions Designed for You".  Contact us today, and learn how dependable, secure, well designed solutions can save your company time and capital.

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